By connecting directly with the responsible insurance provider we settle claims faster than ever before. Our insurance partners allow us to settle claims on their behalf and we pass their savings back to the hospital. Insurance carriers have a right to pay the claim in which it has taken responsibility and the hospital has a right to accept or reject the carrier's offer. ClaimTECH Solutions' HIPAA compliant portal allows this process to be completed in less than 5 days.

Our Partners

ClaimTECH works with multiple insurance companies in order to settle as many outstanding claims for our hospital partners as possible. Our dedicated team is constantly generating new relationships with more insurance providers in order to continue settling claims quickly and painlessly.

Reduced Litigation

ClaimTECH settles claims outside of the courts and the savings fall back on our partners. Hospitals see up to 2x the average payout on all 3rd Party MVA claims settled by ClaimTECH.

Simple Settlements

Settlement agreements can be signed digitally or via e-fax and are processed immediately on the ClaimTECH Solutions portal for payment. The medical provider has the right to accept or reject any offer made free of charge. Simple settlements improve savings and cash flow for both parties.