ClaimTECH saves its insurance partners over 50% per year on all 3rd Party MVA claims processed through the portal. Insurance adjusters log in to our claims database through a secure HIPAA compliant portal where they simply upload their claims to be settled. ClaimTECH communicates with our hospital partners to reach a settlement both parties agree on. The claim is then automatically processed through our system and the lein is released after payment.

Claims Portal

ClaimTECH is the most powerful claim processing platform on the market. Completely secure claims processing can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. Log in, input claims, and watch us save you money every day.

Claim Automation

Claims process through each phase of the settlement process through the ClaimTECH portal quickly to ensure the fastest resolution possible. ClaimTECH is constantly monitering workflow to ensure every claim is settled in the most beneficial way for all parties. By turning litigation into mitigation we are able to pass along massive savings.


ClaimTECH has a large network of hospital partners that have agreed to work with us to settle all claims within 5 days for our insurace partners. Our network hospitals are expanding daily as the ClaimTECH team builds relationships with more hospitals.